Posted by: outroversion | May 4, 2009

Shuffle Seven!

Shuffle time babies. You know the deal, shufflywufflies no skipps.

The Coral- Arabian Sand

I was listening to this song and I knew it reminded me of something, turns out it was chocolate rain! When people write songs about sandy places they try to make the music fit it, I’d imagine that the coral juice got the bass line and guitar to underscore it and then just put words from that semantic field to it. The coral wrote some great stuff, probably listen to that instead ;)

Lyrical highlight- “Can you dance with the lepers in the madman’s house?”

Good question, dick.

The Attic Lights- God

These guys were supporting camera obscura when I saw them last week, they were loads of fun to watch, even better to drink to. Proper uplifting good time music. They’re scottish but don’t sound it so don’t hold it against them yeah? Ya big racist.

Death Cab For Cutie (Live)- The face that launched 1000 shits (2003-10-31) Variety Playhouse Atlanta

Originally written by the revolutionary hydra, though i’ve never heard that version so if anyone has it send it my way and I will sploot, the lyrical themes of this track are incredibly well held together in an intricate tapestry revolving around musical creativity, the history of the black sea and greek mythology. It’s really quite impressive and once again highlights ben’s ability to pick a great little known track from an even littler known band like with the secret stars all those years ago. This track is from a full three years before the live shows stopped getting fun.

Aqualung- just for a moment

A twinkly piano track that could’ve been on a snow patrol album! I always get these guys mixed up with aqueduct, no idea why! I haven’t heard enough of their stuff to really have an opinion but i know that i’ve listened to them a few times without generating one so that should give you an idea of quite how resounding their sound is.

Matt Pond PA- Winter One

An instrumental track, and a short one at that. I’m sorry but it’s the nature of the shuffle!

The Libertines- The ha ha wall

“If you get tired, of hanging around. Pick up a guitar and spin a web of sound” The lyrics from Pete’s time with the libertines were just flawless. I had a bit libertinegasm yesterday listening to pretty much everything they’d done, including that awful “day in the life” cover. Obviously the hope is they’ll get back together but between the two amazing albums and the endless session tracks there’s alot to go around.

The Rural Alberta Advantage- Sleep All day

This would be my dream, I try my best to do as it is. The lyrics are exactly about that, the reasons why you should sleep all day and give up on life. Obviously a bit of a melancholy track and soon goes into the reasons why indeed you shouldn’t sleep all day. Fuck I think i took this song too literally. “If you try to hold on then i’ll try to hold on you”.

The Beatles- Wake up in the morning (From atop then apple rooftop, saville row)

Ah the rooftop concert, what an iconic way to end a band’s career. As you probably know from let it be (the documovie) they had a proper jam up there for longer than people realise playing so many tracks and don’t let me down many many times! This is an unreleased track by them and it really gives you a feeling that things weren’t as bad as it really seemed between them. Even though they were :(

Red Hot Chili Peppers- Police Helicopter

I love pre-good-writing-chilis! Pretty much everything on “out in L.A” the slapdash “best of” album that was released before they’d even had anything that could be considered good enough to be called a hit! I love that album though it’s brilliant and it’s all this early stuff that, in retrospect you could see the behemoth that we know these days evolving from.

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