Posted by: outroversion | May 3, 2009

The Pixies

As part of the bands you should know series, this quartet from Boston have influenced any number of artists from the libertines to modest mouse to Nirvana and are indeed, the guy who plays Harry Potter’s, favourite band.

The Pixies (1986–1993, 2004–present)

Covering areas from UFO’s to mental instability to violent biblical imagery, Black Francis is the main man behind the Pixies’ abstract lyrical themes that they have become reknowned for, more so in Europe than the States where they remain a band only the cool people really know.

Surfer Rosa and Doolittle are considered their masterpieces and spawmed most of their most famous songs that i’ve linked to at the bottom of this post and at the very least you should have both of those albums on your ipod. Oh and if you want the entire discography, as always just click on the name above. He shares vocal duties at times with Kim Deal who I think’s been crucial to their success giving them another dimension.

Alot of bands are famous on the back of viral videos, I mean Ok Go? Sure the album was fine enough but without those two videos? I think they’d be about as popular as Hard-Fi. Pixies aren’t famous on the back of it but they do have on, a video for “hey!”, it’s got about 26million views on this link alone.

They’ve split and reformed a few times and are releasing a best of box set in “minotaur” which is due to be released on June 15th. No plans for a new album.

Where is my mind
I’m Amazed
Monkey Gone to Heaven ( Link)

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