Posted by: outroversion | April 27, 2009

New Music Monday

Well that was a scary couple of days right?! Turns out this music servers better than the one I was using anyway. I’m not gonna go on about everything that happened as it was a bit stressful but I’m just going to carry on like it never happened and not learn any lessons from it and just keep carrying on posting awesome music :)

Also if anyone wants anything reuploaded from other posts just leave a comment asking for it and i’ll get on it. Thanks for reading everyone like, pretty immense stuff.

Dirty Projectors- Stillness in the move

Tinkly keyboards, synthd drumbeat… O.K first impressions aside, a fun track but it feels so fake. Female vocals, you know I dig. I will say that this is a compliment- I couldn’t imagine this live. Maybe in a dj set but everything about it seems experimental and intentionally difficult. This song is great if you like MIA, Santogold or Lady Gaga’s buttcheek.

Pink Mountaintops- Vampire

This is like a mixture of soft oasis, foo fighters and something perfectly intangible. This is the indie side of metal, the classical side of rock. A really nice track from a band you might want to check more stuff out from, the parts where they all sing together is great in the way the the last few minutes of that elbow song is. One of my favourite things about this band is the imagery that they effortlessly convey, right from their name to the coda here.

Phenomenal Handclap Band- 15-20

This track is 4 minutes long and it feels packed. It starts off splendidly and is catchy as hell, it’s avante in the same way CSS were (or are… are i guess right?! It’s just..) it feels to me like addicental dance music which is the only good kind. Like they were making a catchy ass song and it just turned out to be so good, you could dance to it with very few questions being asked as to your mental health.

Silhouette- Masquerade

I couldn’t find an mp3 for this due to there being 5 bands by the name silhouette and even more bands with songs called masquerade. None the less fantastic track, drum beat reminiscent of late 70s female rawk, haunting vocals, this is btw Helena Gee formerly of Leeds’ Goth Metal revivalists The Ivories.

I haven’t heard the enemy‘s new album, I’m interested to as they’re from my area and they’re supporting oasis when i’m seeing them this summer which is also their homecoming gig and their first actually at the ricoh. Also they had this whole huge hype and then got shot down by the very people who hyped them in the first place… how ironic.. :p

So cheers for the support I think we’re coming up on 1000 views now, obviously way more people reading than following but it’s good to know none the less! Comment and let me know what you like what you don’t like, what you’d like to see, how the blog could be improved, anything!

I also have gigs to review too so next week will be packed full of blogs to celebrate one upmanship on the fatcats!

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