Posted by: outroversion | April 25, 2009

Bands with emo names

Or should I say 3AnD2 wItth 3m0 nAYm3z

Oh man so I was just on this chick’s profile on and I was splooted in the face but an humungous “emogasm!”. Some people say emo is hard to define, well if you’ll bear with me I think you’ll find that these four bands outline “homosexualitemo” down to tee!

DISCLAIMER: I have come back to write this disclaimer as there’s a lot of vitrole and acid tongued languaged laced in this post. Like, my favourite band is bright eyes so how can I not like emo? It’s not that I don’t like emo, anytthing about it it’s just the constantly reinforced stereotypes that I present you with here that I FUCKING CANNOT STAND!!! Now emo girls? I love, can’t say no to them, especially if they have glasses too. There’s just something wrong about emo guys, maybe it’s the hair straighteners, maybe it’s wearing their younger sisters trousers and their make up, maybe it’s…


All one word? Check. Unnessecary exclamation mark? Check. Stupid emo hair? Check! The main problem I have with this band is that they’re actually quite nice sounding, alot like rocket summer and I want them on my ipod… Fuck what have I gotten myself into with this blog!


Obviously a completely different entity to the previous band I mean firstly their name’s just like totally different… but yeah this music is what is an even more poisonous (YEEEAAA!!!H) element of emo- Screamo. Stupid idiots going- rarghrarghrargh at the mic and with guitars all going jujujableh yeah man- hate this band and this genre.


You know the deal by now, all one word, unnessecary punctuation. This band are more along the lines of “melemodrama” big emotional “sounds like they’re about to cry” lyrics. Ah shit and there’s that stupid AFI voice all the emo kids seem to love. I don’t get it, you can fuck yourselves if you think i’m even gonna consider eating you…

DotDotCurve :)

Oh yeah, this is one of my favourite elements of emo, the band name that is really a smiley face. Pioneered by acts such as Colonopenbracket oh and semicolonclosedbracket. I just had to post a picture of these douche bags. Plus their music is THE worst thing I have heard in my life, you know idiots like Akon and sean paul do that electronic voice thing which is just supergay? Well it’s like that but with the AFI voice. Think that sums it up fucking perfectly.

And seriously this was just the first four bands I saw on this girl’s profile, I just happened upon her on the oasis gig i’m hitting in the summer. Like I’m sure it gets worse!

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