Posted by: outroversion | April 21, 2009

Shuffle Tuesday V

The Flaming Sideburns- Loose My soul
The magnetic fields- Promises of eternity
Everclear- The New York Times
Dane Cook- BK Lounge
Mates of state- Sound it off
Frog Eyes- The ill Twin of evil energy
The Lemondheads- In Passing
Conor Oberst- College
Babyshambles Live- There she goes

I’ve never heard of the flaming sideburns, apparentyl they’re from sweden, not sure how they got on my ipod! this track starts off with some hispanic announcer before leading into oasis style guitars and then 80s rock stones inspired vocals and underlining guitars. When he sings in English it’s actually REALLY cool, the swedish stuff’s pretty gay but I like this, uplifting rock at it’s goodest.

“I heard he wrote you a love song, well some guy wrote 69” this is that guy, stephen merritt of magnetic fields. This particular ballad has a touch of divine comedy in the delivery with of montreal in the music, probably sums it up quite well, I always thought; man if he’d have made this 3 disk album into one disk and just made it the best songs it would legendary. None the less the compilation is to a lot of people anyway so what do i know. One thing i’ve never understood is what the hell is a gay piano bar?

This song nearly burst my head open after the previous track, comes in like a face fuck! Which isn’t the last thing I’d expect from Everclear but it’s definately not why I like them. They’re like the ataris for me, in that they’ve got many good songs but their funny names make you forget which is which and then means you rarely listen to them. The only one I remember is the one where it goes “now do that stupid dance for me” everything to everyone, but then there’s songs like volvo driving soccer mom and sex with a movie star. This songs as sunny as everything they’ve ever done.

Ah man, Dane cook. I first found out about him when people at my uni in canada were quoting things from him stuff like “ah no i kicked them off in a fit of joy” and then one night at a rez party I went to sleep at this girl’s place and she had this cd palying and man was it ever hilarious. Now he’s like my second favourite comedian (to Russell Brand).

Gotta love the canadians. Mates of state, like they could be the only band in the world and i’d be happy just cos their music’s so nice. Maybe that was kinda an overblown compliment, it’s not gonna happen so i don’t mind making it. I don’t know how I found out about them but I really dig MF duo’s especially when the girl takes on lead vox. I remember on a road trip in 2005 all in your head was on the tape deck quite a few times, that’s right a tape deck- killer road trip down to the minutest detail

I don’t know if anyone knows who are yet but this band “Frog Eyes“, not a great name for a band, remind me of them, quite an apocalyptic lyrical delivery with a twirling backing from a guitar’s higher echelons, a keyboard and clinky drums, although it’s gotta be said that Frederick Blood Royale’s drummer is amazing. Yeah- go check out

Obviously having one huge album is a… I have forgotten how to spell this word… “poisined?” man I can’t believe this… Poisened, poisoned? poisoined… poisind… Oh my god I literally have no idea, maybe it’s because it’s so sunny today, i’ll blame that for the lapse- Lemonheads in the sun is perfect but as I was saying, having one highly successful album can make your previous and latter efforts pale in comparison, indeed i didn’t even realise they’d released an album this century until last month! Haha. But yeah I love that album, I really want to know the rest of the stuff but I feel like i’m missing out on that album when I hear other stuff!

Ah a pre-pubescent conor oberst singing about college which was a distant half a decade away when he started releasing albums. It’s weird because all this stuff solo and with commander venus is good, the pop mastery of you should be in sweden and the prediction of a haunted future. It’s tracks like this that make you realise just how talented he was and is, he’s been writing constantly since he could and it’s all been better than anything anyone else has ever said.

This is from their “Oh! what a lovely tour” DVD and Cd, I’ve been listening to it loads, I really loved them live, I saw him on and off drugs and prefered him off and this album just shows off how actually quite polished and professional Babyshambles‘ve become while also remaining true to pete’s erratic persona. They’ve released two wonderous albums and if the libertines don’t get back together, Pete could be doing worse things than making music with these guys.

Alright, insane compliments out of the way i’m pretty happy with how my taste was portrayed by my ipod today and I’ll see you tomorrow. Let me know what you like and don’t like by commenting etc!

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