Posted by: outroversion | April 17, 2009

New Music Friday!

I’ll just call ’em days that’ll be easier right?!

I have today off work, I wouldn’t mind the rest of the weekend off but that won’t happen, thing is like I say I have to walk 8 miles for work at the mo, it’s kinda great just I have to do it at night at the weekend which is creepy :p

O.K Today’s is a bit tricky as the stuff I want to post is either impossible to find on mp3 or is the new greenday track and they’ll probably take the blog down again. Either way when this finally goes up which won’t be before I go to bed I bet (i’ve become good at doing these on my phone thank g0d) but when it does it’ll be worth the effort.

Magistrates- Heartbreak I have gotten money just in time to catch them on the NME Radar tour and indeed shall be, also great as it’s in the smaller zodiac room. The Magistrates I’ve been aware of for around a year but it’s always been a chore finding their stuff and they#re touring all summer without an album to back it up, so they must be good right? This track kinda sounds like if elbow were around in the 80s and had a penchant for disco pop, if ya know what i mean…

Greenday- Know your Enemy Yeah this is just a 90 sec preview on youtube cos I can’t be bothered with what happened last time and having to put the blog back up from scratch again, I guess universal win. Bottom line is I’m really looking forward to greenday’s new album and will probably buy it. As a concept it sounds forward thinkingand the kind of cd that you’d want in your collection rather than just the mp3’s, I really like bands that do that. Seriously! And this clip seems like it’s gonna be a great comeback.

Nine Black Alps- Buy nothing To the other end of the spectrum, nine black alps are giving away their new record and all you have to do is enter your e-mail address on the website and it’s right there in your junkbox! Or you can just click the link i’ve given. NBA… haha only just noticed that! Anyway they’re metal but the right side of heavy, they’re one of those metal bands that if you just turned up to a random gig and knew none of their stuff they’d still be a great time, this track is the epitome of that. Oh and also- don’t not buy nothing, support your local record store

The do- On my shoulders This band are WELL nice. A MF duo from Helsinki and France, they’re a mixture of metric, camera obscura and jenny lewis which is a preeeetty mean mix. By this I mean an eclectic music style, crystalline vocals and introverted lyrics. So far they’re the best band I’ve found today, I’ve still got about 20 to go but I’m liking these alot.

New Look- Future Times I feel it my duty to hype canadians, most of the time they’re worth it, one half from Toronto and the other half from NYC New Look are an electropop duo who are good enough for me to post even though I posted one from this rarely forayed into genre today. This track is a journey, a proper musical journey, the lyrics the music all going in different directions before coming to a shuddering halt and trying to find each other once more.

I am unfortunately a busy man but there’s way more new music out there and i’ll post some more of it tomorrow. Let me know if you dig and if you don’t.


  1. I totally dig. I like every single track on this post, they’re all great.I got the new Green Day track (full version) yesterday, it sounds a bit like Jesus Of Suburbia. I can’t wait for the full album to come out (plus the album art looks good, I hope they will make T-shirts with this design on it)!

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