Posted by: outroversion | April 13, 2009

Classic Album: Nick Cave Dig Lazarus Dig

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds- Dig Lazarus Dig

This album came out at the same time as MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular and this album is the exact reason I didn’t get that into MGMT right away because I was blown away by this. I assumed it would be topping all the album lists but even the most generous ones put it at number two to MGMT.

The first track I heard from this album was life changing. “More News From Nowhere“. A track based completely on mythology, taking themes that were written centuries ago and turning it into a modern masterpiece. My description at the time was “This is what i’d expect if Mars sent us the best track from their version of the rolling stone’s from 2070” it sounds absolutely out of this world, like he isn’t bound by the restrictions of time, musicianship or lyrical themes. A layer of amazing music with such incredible and profound lyrics strewn over the top in a knowing yet haphazard way. I listened to this 9 minute track 20 times in a row that first day.

I pretty much bought a ticket to a gig at the Hammersmith Apollo on the strength of that one track, turns out the rest of the album is just as incredible. Nick Cave‘s labido infused lyrical grinding and backed by a group of highly talented instrumentalists. Creative, innovative, genius.

They came out to Night of the Lotus Eaters a clanky, ambient track which set the tone for the performance. As Nick said of, We Call Upon the Author, “This song is worth the entrance fee” I hadn’t given the song that much attention due to it’s mammoth elder sibling of News From Nowhere. Well this track was just as incredible and unique, there’s one part in particular,

Well my friend Doug’s tapping on the window *taptaptap* Nick: Well, hey Guys: Hey, Doug Nick: He brings me a book of Holocaust poetry and tells me to get ready for the rain, and again I called upon the author to explain

Like how can you write this kind of stuff? It’s incredible, it’s profound and deep, at the same time as being nonchalent, off the cuff and uncaring. I could go on and on and on about the lyrical themes in this album but they are incredible, his best work in my opinion.



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