Posted by: outroversion | April 10, 2009

New Album #?!- Conor Oberst- Outer South

Conor Oberst & the mystic valley band- Outer South

Track Listing

  1. Slowly (Oh So Slowly)
  2. To All The Lights In The Windows
  3. Big Black Nothing
  4. Air Mattress
  5. Cabbage Town
  6. Ten Women
  7. Difference Is Time
  8. Nikorette
  9. White Shoes
  10. Bloodline
  11. Spoiled
  12. Worldwide
  13. Roosevelt Room
  14. Eagle On A Pole
  15. I Got The Reason #2
  16. Snake Hill

Was pretty excited when I found out that this had leaked, so excited in fact that I’m posting the album without listening to it! I will be though, all day, just you watch me. Except I’m also re-reading on the road.. I would expect these two events not to coincide.

I read a funny review of this album where the guy said something like “I’ve been listening to conor oberst’s new album with the mystic valley band and it’s great except that he let’s some of the other guys sing on it which is kind of like winning a three some with johnny depp and him insisting that johnny vegas joins in.” I was confused that the guy saw winning sex with a man in some sort of celebrity sex lottery as a good thing but the alliterative nature and pure oxymoron of his comparison was brilliant.

Oh and- DISCLAIMER!!!: For god’s sake don’t download this album from that link just wait and go and buy it when it comes out, have you no will power?! Come on support the artist and buy the cds so you can be down with the grandads…

And to think I try and make money from music lol

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