Posted by: outroversion | April 9, 2009

New Bands #3 (Truck Festival 13 Line Up)

Every year I go to an independant music festival in steventon, Oxfordshire, it’s been our little secret for over a decade now. It’s been getting bigger every year but still entirely none commercial, this also means only the very coolest bands play because they’re not getting paid £1,0000000 or having thier own trailer etc for example last year we got to see the reformed Lemonheads perform Shame about Ray in it’s entirity (give or take..) and this year supergrass and ash are headlining. So many amazing up and coming acts, every year you fall in love with new bands for life, these are who are expected to be making the headlines this year. I’ve also decided to put pretty pictures up on this blog and who knows, maybe a naked chick? Ooh the suspense!!

Red Light Company- Meccano

Ah remember when you’d go over grandma in the 80’s and somehow she’d have an anchient mecanno kit from like the stone age for you to play with that was rusty from when jesus peed on it and you’d try and make a car by bending the things around and ruining it for everyone else? Oh wait those aren’t your childhood memories… Wait- those aren’t even MY childhood memories…

From London, and covering a few far reaches of the globe with band members from Wyoming and Australia, the drummers from bridgend! INTENSE!!! Ah you shouldn’t joke, I just find the whole thing disturbingly fascinating. Woah wait a minute.. Their album cover has a naked chick on it!!! Got well nice boobs as well! So there you go, just as I promised a naked chick what are the chances! Ha.

I’ve listened to all the bands I am posting today and these are my favourite, that is no slur against the other bands, these are just exceptional. Lyrics are proper eloquent and actually resonating with our times, I can’t speak highly enough of these guys. Check out the track scheme eugene on their page too.

Yacht- So Post All’ em

I’ve been aware of YACHT for a while, his touring has been relentless so only from seeing his name on posters. He’s from portland, a scene I am constantly creaming over, formally of the band “the blow” he’s experimetal, electronocoustica, but he also hits the right pop buttons for it to be enjoyable and scindie enough for the lyrics to be engrossing. This track has a fairly unique backing, I can’t even imagine what half the instruments are in this. I can only imagine that this guy is an absolute riot live, a must see.

Sportsday Megaphone- Have you ever fallen in love with someone that you shouldn’t have

Forget about the Fallout boy length song title- They desribe themselves as “Awesomely frantic ipod karaoke! ultrapop confetti headphone piñata!!!” Along with their name I think that’s enough reason to like them. First impressions are they’re a bit low-fi electronic, truth is this is kinda a cover of that song “have you ever fallen in love with someone ever fallen in love ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love” I think it’s by the human league, if it’s not, don’t correct me because i don’t care :(

Pulled Apart By Horses- I punched a lion in the throat/The Lighthouse

These guys are from leeds and I’ve read so many outstandingly abstract reviews from them. A common consensus is that their sound is “mental” and also that they are going to be huge in 2010, I’d agree to a LOTP or Little Man Tate extent. This track “I punched your mother in the scrote”… or something like that, I had to listen to twice to even get a grip on it, it swirls like a guitar driven, vocal yelping cyclone. My comparison to LOTP is probably the most coherant, the lyrics aren’t exacly shakespeare or doherty :p but i’d imagine shouting along and jumping around to this in a tent would be awesome. I’d imagine them to be the fighting with wire of this years truck.

And so i watch you from afar- I Capture Castles

I want to give a shout out to these belfastians beacuse I am hyper critical of them and wish I wasn’t because so many people seem to see their relevance where I fail to. They’re an instrumental band, signed to a major label and tipped for big things and yet i’m like… Uh- it’s an instrumental band?… I don’t get… this. This. I. Do not… Get. But yeah they seem to be doing something right I just wish I knew what it was. Bottom line is, I’m definately going to see them at truck to see what’s goin on.

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