Posted by: outroversion | March 3, 2009

Ben’s basement, 1138 Ellis

O.K So my car broke down this morning and so i’m taking solice in listening to narrow stairs (I think this is the first time i’ve had the choice of all of death cab’s albums and chosen it) It’s nice, makes me appreciate IWPYH it’s kind of like stability for the next generation. Oh by the way? This guy said that he was living in ben’s old house 1138 ellis a couple of years ago, anyway i was like no way and he was like yeah there’s even set notes in the basement… I was like Oo. I creamed my pants today when I saw THIS-

I mean are you KIDDING me? These are ben’s notes from when he was no joy in mudville and lowell MA, it’s like the holy grail it’s insane. And yes they are ben’s he played drums on Facts douchebag :p The guy said “the heating bills got really expensive” as a hardcore DCFC fan this made me cream. “we’re not paying til the heat comes through, so you slept in a stocking cap and wool scarf”.

So anyway aestetic orgasm out of the way, my pick for late ’09-

Music go music
I don’t know a WHOLE lot about these guys except that they’re awesome and as empire of the sun were my dead cert for 09 these are for ’10, they’re from L.A, have about 1000 friends on myspace most from california. Their songs are epic and magical. Light of love is going to be their first big hit but don’t expect england to catch up with them too soon… maybe i should put ’11 for these guys ha!

Soft Pack

Again these guys are gonna come around sort of in the summer they’re playing live over here from may, I don’t recall seeing them in any ’09 lists but blow me if they are because i haven’t mentioned them on here and I just gotta! Used to be called the muslims, that’s gonna be the stuff you’ll be able to find on p2p.

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