Posted by: outroversion | February 18, 2009

Goodbye Martin DCX1E, Hello £400

So I sold my guitar, I paid £850 for it, I still owe £181, I just sold it for £400 and am £50 over my overdraft that leaves me with £170, I guess that’s not that bad for having a bit of money but I don’t have my guitar, it was amazing sounded the best i’d ever played, I have 4 others I guess i’m just going to have to start playing electric, I wonder if this is what happened to Dylan…


I’ve hidden this post down a few even though it’s new and here’s why, I thought about posting acoustic songs but thought it would be a bit lame. When I handed the guitar over to the guy he could see I was feeling philosophical, especially as when I handed it over I said, “may it serve you well my son”, the guy was like 40 lol but none the less he said “i’ll let you know if I record anything with it or play any gigs” and that felt like you seeing the guy your ex is seeing while you’re drinking alone in a bar and him going “tough break, I’ll let you know if we have sex or get married alright?” lol.

I’m going to post a few classic songs that seem to describe life perfectly, if you’ve ever felt like any of these songs then you’re human-

John Denver- Poems, Prayers and Promises

Around about last december I watched the john denver biopic and there’s a scene where a girl is talking to her psychiatrist, who is john’s ex wife and she recognises her and she reminds her she’s there to talk to her about herself, she says she is because she was going to kill herself but something made her turn on the radio, maybe to drown out the thoughts etc but at the last minute she heard this song and it spoke to her, gave her hope. I feel the same way about this song, when i first heard it i probably listened to it 200 times the next day.

Beach Boys- I wasn’t made for these times

What with work being the most important things in peoples live, a crumbling economy where frivalousness is frowned upon and where people can go for days without having a conversation with somebody, this is probably the worst decade to grow up in, poor kids.

REM- Shiny Happy People

This song can either be about nothing or a myriad of other things, I like to think it’s about taking anti depressants :)

Stereophonics- Local boy in the photograph

O.K So i’ve had a lot of friends die on me the past few years and the photo that they use in the press release tends to be more recent than the last time you saw them, i don’t know why they do this but it seems to be the standard.

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