Posted by: outroversion | February 18, 2009

Best of yesteryear

This post has been edited as I don’t want full length albums on the site.

Yesteryear is an anomoly for clearly, it means last year, like yesterday means the day before today and indeed the etymology backs this up but due to it’s archaic usage it is linked with the times that it was more likely to be used.

Oh, big shock i’m a nerd about language. So the best albums of last year, in my opinion, yeah i’m about 3 months late with this but whevs I’m a little bit too cool to be on time (These are all torrents in a way i apologise for that but in another way it saved me a buttload of time and is also legal, right pirate bay?! ;))

Vampire Weekend/Vampire Weekend-

This album is great, I’ve already mentioned them on this blog with the track ottoman which isn’t on this album, very preppy, great vocals, original guitar stylings, been listening to it loads recently, someone I don’t like once said it was a great album to drive to, I completely agree!

Nick Cave & the bad seeds/Dig lazarus Dig

When I first heard more news from nowhere I listened to it about 20 times in a row and for a 10 minute song that takes alot of doing! At the time I described it as sounding like “if we got a radio signal from mars and it was playing the red planet’s very own rolling stones with the lyrics of the most tripped out lennon/mcartney”, I went to see them live based on this and that made me see how fantastic and original the entire album is. Alot of old people at the gig though, i hope i always find that weird.

MGMT/Oracular Spectacular-

O.K So it won NME album of the year and single of the year, at the time it came out I thought nick cave was better, as an entire album I still do. In terms of singles, this wins for sure and well done on them for that because with 4 songs they’ve made a lot of people forget about the rest of the album and just remember the highlights, I’d feel dirty if I ever made an album like that.

Death cab for cutie/Narrow Stairs

There are some really flawless tracks on this album, yeah, it’s not their best album, yeah it’s probably their worst, yeah it has a couple of the worst tracks ben’s ever written on it (Twin sized bed, talking bird, pity and fear) but the other half of the album is IMMENSE! Bixby Canyon Bridge which is probably one the most highly anticipated tracks in their history, Cath, You can do better than me, the latter which sounds like the beatles could have done it, the only track off the album not to be played live. look I love death cab, they had to go in here- shoot me.

Lightspeed Champion/Falling of the Lavender Bridge-

He’s on conor obert’s label, I believe this album incredibly went to #1 in the shitty pop obsessed country of england. He’s a great lyricist, thinks about music all day every day, original and a cool guy. Seen him a couple of times live, first time supporting bright eyes second time in leicester. he used to be in test icicles and got to see him play guitar with that night and he just watched the gig with everyone else before then.

Last Shadow Puppets/Age of the understatement-

I was in canada while they were doing their thing so I didn’t get to see them live, if miles kane was talented they could be the next lennon and mccartney, unfortunately he’s not so don’t get any big ideas! Fortunately Turner is and he’s as forward thinking as lennon, this album shows this, I don’t think anyone else coudl have gotten away with this but he did with applomb, that’s right applomb…

Courteeners/St Jude-

After leaving their gigs I tend to call them the next libertines, NME don’t like Liam Fray and he’s not on drugs and can play the guitar (Disclaimer: I loved the libertines and pray for the day they get back together) but none the less this albums brilliant and killer live, check it out.

I’ll be back with the best of 09 next week…

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