Posted by: outroversion | February 16, 2009

Getting reacquainted with the english..

So like I say I spend alot of time in north america although my influences are english, modern music that I listen to tends to be more local. Anyway I was watching crappy freeview music channels on sky the other day, the kind where people send in their own videos of them miming over songs and like a elephant man midget dancing in a bikini it’s horrible to watch but impossible to turn away! So it kinda reminded me of the songs I was in love with back in england when I was younger and while I was last there, so today I’m featuring old favourites like blur, oasis and freakin’ beautiful south! These are just a taster of the tunes I heard that day, i’ll post way more at a later date!

So champagne supernova is a masterpiece, every englishman in his 20s knows the words. I’ve recently become a reborn fan of Oasis after neglecting them for a while… mainly because they were making shit music but NME reminded me they’re about more than music. Apparently there was a cover of this on the o.c. but like many things on the o.c. it was crap, this is the timeless original and the best-

Oasis- Champagne Supernova

So obviously everyone remembers the whole blur -v- oasis thing, sometimes it’s easy to think oasis were the way better band but I was looking through blur‘s back catalogue and seriously they have crap loads of amazing tunes, the album that this was off is flawless-

Blur- Charmless Man

Beautiful South, I remember hearing them through various stages of my childhood, don’t marry her struck me as unique at the time and I bought perfect 10 for the bassline, this one i remember hearing on the late bus on the way back from high school, good responsibility free times. The song now has taken on a whole new meaning, Canada is my new home and I love it there and I kind of resent being back in england, i’m back for my family but it could be anywhere-

Beautiful South- Rotterdam

Pete Doherty’s due to play the EMA’s tonight. I’m starting to like Shotter’s nation more than Babyshambles first album and I LOVED that, this is i think track 4 on the cd and it’s where you start to realise that this is a pretty immense album- (bilo is pete’s nickname btw)

Babyshambles- Unbilotitled

O.k That’s it for the english bands today, I just have a couple more tracks i wanted to post, the first is by Blonde Redhead and the music in this song has haunted me so many times the past couple of months and I didn’t know what the track was I searched it out like a bitch i nearly exploded when I found it! The second is mushaboom by feist, just cos I think all these covers are taking away from the original, although some great artists such as postal service and bright eyes have covered it- some have been balls!

Blonde Redhead- Maddening Cloud

Feist- Mushaboom

Well some of those were english right?!

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