Posted by: outroversion | February 10, 2009

The Debut

I can’t seem to get into my old blog any more (retrospeedlab) so have started up a new one, the first few days will be reposts but then i’ll stick up more new awesome music than you’ll know what to do with. Also let me know you’re reading cos I stopped writing my old one after I didn’t think anyone was but then it turned out they were but i lost the password and I want my legacy to continue-

So this is my first post on my music blog, or any other blog for that matter! I’ve been wanting to make one for a while as it’s a rarity to meet anyone into the same music as me, when it does it’s amazing but it’s too few and far between for my liking!

I spend alot of time in north america so, despite being english, a lot of my musical influences come from there, expect a lot of rare bright eyes, death cab for cutie, modest mouse and john vanderslice mixed with the best england has to offer.

I shant waste any more of your time here it comes-

My opening post I have entitled appropriately, debuts. A few choice debuts from bands I’ve seen over the past few years-

Cansei De Ser Sexei are a brazilian female fronted band, they released many an e.p before this but “let’s make love and listen to death from above” is the emo sounding title off their attention grabbing debut album, live they are immense-

CSS- Let’s make love

I first saw The Young Knives in my first year of uni, along with 5 other people. And I don’t mean I was with 5 other people I mean there were 6 people in the audience including 2 members of the band supporting them, it was amazing and they won me over for life! This is the summer anthem “weekdays and bleakdays (hot summer)” because it is actually sunny here today!

TYK- Hot Summer

I was playing guitar over my cousin’s place and she was going nuts for this track, i’d heard ‘of’ it but not actually heard it, it’s from Coventry’s The Enemy‘s debut album, “we’ll live and die in these towns” it’s entitled away from here-

The enemy- Away from here

Rumble Strips is a sign I notice more when I drive into stratford upon avon more often these days because of this band, I saw them on the NME tour a couple of years ago and I was refreshed by their attempt at ska revival as well as charlie’s convincing falsetto. I drank with the band afterwards and they’re killer awesome- (oh yeah, check out the video if you’ve got time it’s amazing!)

The Rumble Strips- Motorcycle

And as I had help from people at the DCFC boards here’s Ben Gibbard‘s version of indian summer which i know is intensly hard to track down-

Indian Summer- Ben Gibbard

I also like Hey There Delilah by the plain white t’s right now, not a debut but whevs.

Thankyou for listening ;)

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