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New Modest Mouse: Lampshades on Fire

Modest Mouse- Lampshades on Fire

A lot must have changed in all our lives since a fresh release from Modest Mouse. The first time I heard Dashboard back in 2007 it was relief, a reliable old friend making an appearance when you least expect it.

Their modern day return is not much different, though the hiatus more prolonged than ever the comeback is just as welcome. Lampshades doesn’t sound like a Modest Mouse offering at first, in fact it could be anybody but soon enough the elements that make them so familiar abound. Isaac‘s voice and delivery, those twanging strings, the nautical nuances, the passion driven changes of pace.

Last time I saw them live they were nowhere near playing this but if you were fortunate enough to catch any of their cameos over the last few years you might have heard this and its current form isn’t dissonant with its current incarnation which is in keeping with the band. Ever changing and yet always remaining true to its core. I mean they’ve survived some serious mainstream success.

Good to have you back gentlemen.

Listen Here

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Reconnect: The Subways

The Subways

You know when a band comes on you haven’t heard for a while and you think you’ll check to see if they’ve got an album coming out and when you do you realise not only they do but you also missed their last one that came out a few years ago. Considering how important this band were in my live music odyssey as a teenager, these guys deserve better than that.

Reality is that The Subways were actually the first proper band I ever saw live. I had a fairly sheltered existence until I went to university and they played one of the bars in town during freshers week. The same venue had Club NME once a week where I then saw the Rumble Strips and the next 5 years of my life were spent relentlessly seeing as much live music as possible.

In the lead up to the gig I had their debut album Young For Eternity on loop, I’d just learned to drive so I guess that played a big part in my newly discovered freedom. For whatever reason, at the time, you didn’t have too many boy/girl dual-fronted bands- fast forward 10 years and it’s a whole other landscape.

The album was equally full of huge life affirming tracks and more delicately introspected moments. I want to hear what you’ve got to say, Rock & Roll Queen, Oh Yeah and Young for Eternity are the four aces in a quality pack.

Three years on, I’m living in another country they release another album All or Nothing, I manage to catch Kalifornia and Boys and Girls during a brief stopover at a festival, both humungous and as good as anything on the first album. It’s suddenly 2014 and I haven’t heard the rest of that album or 2011’s Money and Celebrity and their new Self-Titled album is due at the start of next year.

That’s why I’m doing this though. Like friends, there’s a whole load of bands I’ve lost touch with and want to reconnect with before it’s too late.

While we’re getting older there’s music that will always stay stuck in time and for me The Subways’ debut album is one of those and it’s always magical revisiting the time where everything began to change.

Rock and Roll Queen




Kiss Kiss Bang Bang


My Heart is Pumping To A Brand New Beat

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Reconnect: The Dø

The Dø

I first heard about this French/Finnish duo when I heard the most bizarre, messed up and amazing track in 2010- Queen. Dot. Kong. It’s proved impossible to replicate live, I’d love to see it but any attempt has fallen short it’s just a beautiful nightmare of a track.

Contrast that with At Last, a gorgeous ballad that could have been released in the 70s it sounds so out of this era.

The marvellous reality we are faced with is verdant twee mixed with off key deliberate experimentation. It makes for such a unique listen, rarely will you find a band as brave as this.

They’ve just released their third album Shake, Shook, Shaken and below is the representative lead track Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy.

Despair, Hangover & Ecstasy


At Last


Queen Dot Kong

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Happy Halloween



I wanted to check out the old halloween mixtape I made for the blog but turns out it was on megaupload so it was lost. So I went and got all the track and uploaded them to mediafire! 


Oh MAN do I love halloween! Not because you get to dress up and people have fun with candy and you get to see this picture again but cos it’s all dark and creepy :)

My favourite halloween song is this. It’s basically clips from Nightmare on the Elm Street (one) the genre is probably acid house or something but I love it!

I mean you probably know by now i’m not into pop music so when i’m talking about halloween music I don’t mean the monster mash. I’m talking haunting songs that genuinely unnerve you and make you feel uncomfortable in your own skin :D

haha the smiley faces take on a whole new meaning in this post.

There are some great rock songs that fit here. Feed my frankenstein by alice cooper and Red Right Hand by nick cave is a perennial inclusion in every modern day horror movie but nothing niche. Xiu Xiu’s bunny gamer is included here, it’ll follow you around like a demon for real.

My whole reason for this post is so I have more halloween music to listen to each year rather than just that one no matter how awesome it is. Originally I was just going to post up a few halloween songs to set the mood but, you may also have noticed i’m a bit obsessive about music and accidentally ended up putting loads of time and effort into it and have now made a Halloween Mixtape which isn’t merely a bunch of awesome songs i’ve also ordered them to create a desired effect. Enjoy!

Emily Axford- King Sized Candy Bars

Alice Cooper- Feed My Frankenstein

Nick Cave- Red Right Hand

O.Children- Dead Disco Dancer

Death In vegas- Aisha (Ft. Iggy Pop)

Dead man’s bones- PaPaPower

Say Hi- Spiders

Xiu Xiu- Bunny Gamer

Halloween- Do you believe in the boogeyman?

Charlotte Gainsbourg- IRM

Evangelicals- The Halloween Song

Dead Man’s bones- My body’s a zombie for you


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Reconnect: John Vanderslice

John Vanderslice

You take your eyes off this guy for a few minutes and he releases a couple of albums, a vinyl only EP made out of an asteroid and has toured your town half a dozen times without thinking to stop by to say hey. He’s a busy guy and has that uncanny ability to produce album of the year entries without fail.

Is he most known for an elaborate hoax involving microsoft, the most poignant song about the september 11th or producing a stupid amount of indie classics over the past decade or so?

My problem is I’ve never been able to get past the work surrounding his finest moment, Pixel Revolt. A flawless and beautiful album and when supporting Death Cab outshone them at their peak with what was at that point an already monumental catalogue of work. This is nearly 10 years from that and if you think he hasn’t added to that rendering it an afterthought in his setlists, you crazy.

I’ve caught glimpses of his brilliance since then, maybe a couple of songs from Emerald City and Romanian Names but like I say keeping up has been difficult. JV’s lyricism is so intelligent and his music so intricate that you feel you need to devote time to it rather than dipping in and out and sometimes you’re not in the mood to have your soul searched and to feel things you had no idea you were thinking.

Dagger Beach is his latest album of original material, released last year through a kickstarter campaign and before that was White Wilderness a more orchestral affair with Magik*Magik. Neither of which I’ve heard but we all owe it to ourselves to be more familiar with his work.

Trance Manual





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Reconnect: The Unicorns

The Unicorns

You’ve probably got to have a bit of an open mind to really dig Montreal’s The Unicorns; they are musically, a bit of a mess. I used to listen to them when I couldn’t sleep as the ridiculous drum patterns really tire your brain out.

They’re unique, not really singing about anything in particular and bizarre choices in vocal deliveries and musicianship, you really need to want to love their idiosyncracies- if you can, you’ll love them. There’s one point he sneezes in I Do It and I genuinely think it’s genius, i don’t know I just do- who else leaves that in a recording?

Nowadays they’re reformed as a band called Islands who I’m not as into, they’re too clean. I liked the mess, I’m sorry. Though for anyone who feels the same they did get back together as The Unicorns for a short run of shows back in August. Let’s hope that wasn’t just a last hurrah. Strangely their last EP was titled 2014..

I Do It


Let’s Get Known


Ready To Die

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Reconnect: All-Girl Summer Fun Band

I made a killer Itunes playlist of great tracks from my past that I listen to criminally rarely these days. It’s been great listening to it and I figured it’d be stupid not to get some stuff on the site.

All-Girl Summer Fun Band

The first thing I do when I come across a band I used to be infatuated with but have grown distant over the years, I give them a quick google and check if their wikipedia page says “are” or “were”. I’m pleasantly surprised to find that this particular twee-pop band from Oregon are in the “are” category, as they have been since- even more unbelievably 1998!

I found them in 2002, thanks to the goldmine of undiscovered music that is 3hive. Where basically I’d go and check out bands I liked the name of- leading me to Say Hi To Your Mom, Minus The Bear, !!! and how was I supposed to resist a name like AGSFB?

In the grand scheme of things these three girls were ahead of their time; the twee explosion of 2006 saw an inundation of this fayre.

I can only really recommend the songs I know but I hadn’t listened to them in about 5 years so there’s bound to be lots more to the oeuvre now. They’re innoffensive, endorphine inducing and their albums only tend to last around 30 minutes. Who are you to resist huh?

Videogame Heart


Canadian Boyfriend


This one is kinda.. different. I don’t know if it really counts as a song but I don’t know I love it for some reason. I like my twee like I like my tea- fucking stupid amounts of sugar!

Charm Bracelet

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In Case You Missed Them: The SpacePimps

The SpacePimps

Every now and then, a band is called something like “The SpacePimps” and so you don’t have much choice but to check them out.

Back in the mid-zeroes we had Fenix*TX and The Ataris playing a brand of Pop-Punk that stayed just the right side of the American Pie Soundtracks. That was when this Pittsburgh trio came into being and the delivery here is in a similar vein but with the addition of the party anthem guitars that Sum 41, Third Eye Blind and Blink 182 made famous, echoing the greatest time to be a teenager.

Party Foul

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Worth a listen: Jack White- Black Bat Licorice

Jack White- Black Bat Licorice

I’m not Jack White’s biggest fan, I often find his compositions poorly structured and his musical journeying messy and misguided. Every now and then however, he releases something experimental in the right way and that he isn’t afraid to do so is something I respect him for. That doesn’t make him a genius however, a mistake a lot of people seem to make.

This is in a similar vein to what he has done best in the past and is representative of his latest solo album so if you like this, perhaps listen to that.

Black Bat Licorice

<p><a href=”″>Jack White – That Black Bat Licorice</a> from <a href=”″>Feeps</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

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New Music: New Pornographers- Brill Bruisers

New Pornographers- Brill Bruisers

Getting so many in demand musicians in one place long enough to make an actual record must be insanely difficult but when Carl, Dan, Neko, Kathryn converge with a singular intent wondrous things invariably happen.

I’m not even going to try and better that sentence.

Brill Bruisers

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