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Shuffle XIV


Outroversion’s Ipod Shuffle XIV

Blink 182- Wishing Well

I was never that into Blink 182 before their music started to mature with their self-titled album around 2003 and that’s when I started to pay attention. I liked enough of their stuff to go and see them a couple of years back when their most recent album Neighborhoods was released and some of the tracks on it are them at their best. Up all night, After Midnight and this are the highlights and really show what they’re capable of musically and lyrically. They don’t pretend to be anything they not it’s just that they genuinely are capable of creating quite sophisticated and introspective music. Sure Miss You divided people back in the day but those that came along for the ride and stuck around through the hiatus have been gifted some real gems.


Crimea- How to make you laugh

I’ve listened to Crimea more this year than I have since around 2007 and it was like they’d never left, their perfectly crafted indie-pop gets you whatever mood you’re in. I only wrote a blog about them last month but then I’d only recently heard their final album and it is quite the masterpiece, the kind of masterpiece way too few people get to hear. The lyrics are both uplifting and melancholy, profound and lighthearted as is Davey MacManus’ way, “I am not the chosen one, I only do miracles when I’m drunk“.


Reuben- Deadly Lethal Ninja Assassin 

This is turning into a much cooler shuffle than yesterday’s. I’ve had quite the awakening as far as Reuben have been concerned this year, I was aware of them because of 2000 Trees but hadn’t actually listened to them. This year I decided to and damn, they make some nice heavy metal music. Freddy Kreuger tends to be my go to track but this is probably my second favourite of theirs.

Starting off with what I suppose would be termed “banter” by today’s kids it kicks in with early 90s grunge affecting guitars and vocals. It’s all good, not the most empassioned of their sounds and is a good example of how some of their lyrics are little off-kilter- the middle eight is the band repeating the line “you’re dressed like a victorian at a swimming pool” which while not the most impactful line does evoke a certain image. Coupled with Freddy Kreuger’s “I’ve got hands like a knife-rack and I die in every film” and it would suggest they take their music more seriously than their message, they don’t particularly but that is the side of them I prefer.


New Politics- Dignity

Ah I like a bit of New Politics, I think Harlem’s a great track no matter what anyone says. You remember those pop-punk bands from last decade well this is essentially one of them but they happen to be a little late to the party but hey as long as there is still a party there’s a place for this kind of band no matter how many less people are at them.

I mean, this kinda sounds like a certain song from back then but it also sounds like most songs from back then. Smash Mouth, Goldfinger, Everclear, Gob there is an endless list of bands that could have released these songs 10 years ago and no-one would have said they were before their time.

I think we probably have 3oh!3 to thank for the resurgence of this kind of band, I think they’re calling it frat-rock rather than college rock these days. There’s nothing wrong with it but it doesn’t bear more than a couple of listens before you need to find something a little more substantial.


Michael Jackson- You Rock My World

So I feel like I’m one of a very small selection of people who would say Invincible is their favourite Michael Jackson album, History aside of course.

This track is what first got me interested, another big music video from MJ when people had stopped bothering, it’s got him acting, dancing, making silly noises everything you want. The thing about the music he made around this time, you need to ignore a lot of home truths about the King of Pop to enjoy it on the primitive level that it is intended and that is too much to ask for some people and I don’t particularly blame them.

I mean, by now he’s looking as white as you can get, there was the Martin Bashir documentary, the upcoming court case, the baby dangling press shit show, bankruptcy, there was a lot of mess. Of course it’s a huge shame that even one of his songs coming on someone’s ipod all this goes through people’s minds and even me saying “technically he didn’t do anything wrong” is something I don’t feel particularly comfortable saying. I do however implore anyone who is above all this to check out the album this was on it’s got some really beautiful songs on it as well as some proper modern experimental pop.


Modern Baseball- The Weekend

These guys are one of my favourite finds of the year. It’s kind of early days so their music is a little bit lo-fi at times. They were only in highschool a couple of years ago but their ability to create these kind of short, catchy, social-network awakening paragons of their burgeoning band. These internet savvy youngsters are amassing quite the following in every corner of the web, they’ve released a buttload of tracks via varying mediums and limited editions are going on ebay for stupid amounts. It remains to be seen if their music will develop as time goes on but considering the subject matter of much of their material, it’s bound to.

They owe a lot to dropping out of University to pursue their music, their second full length entering the Billboard chart at #97. It would be tempting still to call their first two efforts a warm up for the first album proper as with the best of their first, their second, tracks earmarked for number three and their surely developing sound you’d make quite a solid debut album but who am I to say.


I’m going to have to stop this strangely college rock inspired shuffle here as I accidentally clicked on a track and messed up the shuffle.


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Ipod Shuffle XIII


Outroversion’s Ipod Shuffle XIII

Tupac- Trapped

If you know me well enough, you’ll know I’m reasonably well acquainted with the rap game. It was the first musical genre I really clung to in high school, I was passing out cassette copies of Dre’s 2001 in school like so much contraband. My favourite artists back then were Dre, Nelly, Eminem, Busta, The Wu Tang Clan and the like though back then I hadn’t heard of Jay-Z or Tupac. It’s a while later now and while I’m further down the line with Jay-Z I haven’t listened to any Tupac, at all. But I’ve got him on my ipod and isn’t that what counts?

The answer obviously, is no. Many people say he’s the best who ever did it and yet I’ve never found that time to bother listening, have I been missing out? Let’s judge him purely on this track and see…

You’ve got a sort of reggae/rock line to spit over, take it away Tupac! Early Rat Pack reference, very nice. It’s very autobiographical at the moment, some nice popular culture shoutouts and what sounds like Snoop Dogg laying something or other. He seems to have a knack for storytelling I must say and his rhymes are intelligent, his delivery and personae are natural and well developed. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from him, I know he’s not around anymore by the way I’m not that ignorant but I mean- I’ve got this cats greatest hits in my itunes!


Waka Flocka Flame- Inky

The second track is rap as well! And again from someone I’ve never heard! Listen, if someone talks to me about rap I can hold my own for over 10 minutes and when the conversation peters out they invariably will reccomend me someone to listen to, one that tends to be brought up is Immortal Technique and that one track made me so sick that I’m not all that fussed about that gentleman but I remember someone telling me about this fellow and how his Triple F album was going to be the next big “shit to drop”. Well, this is from that.

I sort of know Waka because of that backing track where he says his own name over and over again and makes a lot of silly noises but that’s the extent of my knowledge. This track starts off with him saying his own name and some words and swearing a bit, I think I heard an ethnic slur towards the end of the intro… So he performs what I guess would be described as the “hook”, before he rhymes “Horsey” with “Foursome”, ok so what exactly are we dealing with here…

He says the N-word a lot which is a shame, also b*tches and talks about guns and smoking, I’m waiting for him to do something that isn’t on page one of rap for dummies…

Uh, we could be here a while…


Paul McCartney- Yvonne

Chances are you haven’t heard this song. It’s often mistakenly credited as a Beatles song, it isn’t one as it was written in 1985 and additionally if it was you would have heard it to death as it is proper gorgeous. It was written during the Press Play sessions and somehow didn’t make the cut for what was ultimately not a particularly memorable Macca release. The song was re-recorded as Yvonne’s the one by Eric Stewart who co-wrote this with Paul and whose album it was on was widely disregarded by the music listening fraternity.


IncubusBattlestar Scralatchtica

I’ve only gotten to know Incubus recently and I only checked them out as I was looking for bands similar to the Chili Peppers. Well, they’re very good and have a great back catalogue that’s been a pleasure listening to. Very much College-Rock and proud of it this 1999 cut from the widely praised Make Yourself probably isn’t the best place to start if you’re interested in getting to know these Californians more intimately.

You know when RHCP were making songs like Out in L.A. and Yertle the Turtle, that’s the mindset Incubus may well have been in while creating this ‘piece of music’. I mean look at the name! Come on guys. Though I must say, if you like a bit of funky bass this has such a sweet line.


DJ Fresh Ft. Rita Ora- Hot Right Now

Times like these I kinda wish I wasn’t so dedicated to not skipping any tracks. Look, truth is sometimes I download those “Now that’s what I call…” albums, I don’t even really know why I guess I just figure it has like the 20 most “popular” tracks of the year and that’s the only way they’re gonna get on my itunes and I might feel like listening to a pop song sometime. Anyway, this is one of those tracks that are on my ipod lying in wait for such a moment of weakness.

Rita Ora I think is that one who kept singing at the Olympics. DJ Fresh presumably is Will Smith’s friend from Bel-Air…

It starts off with a horrible auto-tune robot voice man before Rita (not the one from coronation street with the snazzy jackets) tells you to put your hands up, but only if you’ve think you’ve got it. What it is exactly, I’m assuming we’re going to find out before too long.

The worst thing is, I’ve heard this song. Not intentionally or on a conscious level but I have and that is the awful thing about popular music. You probably don’t want to hear it but there’s pasty white men in suits making sure that you do no matter what you’re doing, whether you’re watching tv, walking through a supermarket, going to the shops and someone drives past with radio one playing. You can’t avoid this fucking shit and it is fucking shit and fucking shit that looking at the picture above went to number one in the charts. Fuck off.

I’m deleting this shit off my itunes and I’m not putting up a fucking link to this bullshit.

Nordic Giants- Through a lens darkly

Ooh, this is one of those bands that wear masks! And costumes! And they’re playing a festival i’m at this summer! Definitely seeing them.

Reading their bio, their live performances sound insane. Two mythological creatures creating live atmospheric soundscapes to short films? Why aren’t all bands this!

It all starts off rather twinkly piano wise but after a minute when more instruments are introduced you can tell they’re building to something. I believe the strings you can hear is a guitar played with a bow, pretty soon you get the feeling this is all going to explode into something glorious.

Once the brass and drums start finding their feet that is what you get. I mean, this is chillingly mood setting listening to it in my living room I can’t begin to imagine how emotive it will be live. This is post-rock I can get on board with.


Taylor SwiftWe Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Thankfully this is also from one of those “Now that’s what I…” albums. I say thankfully because I actually have some of her music on my Itunes voluntarily. Look, reality of the situation is that I like to a little bit of country music every now and then and when I saw that the Taylor Swift internet personality was seemingly an artist from that genre I thought I’d check out some of her music.

This is another song I’ve had to hear because I exist. I mean, she’s a pop artist isn’t she? Though you can hear the country influence in this song, you’d be hard pushed to say that this is representative of what is, when done correctly, a respectable and often deeply-profound and at times life affirming genre.

I’m just going to come right out and say that I have one One Direction song on my Itunes and I can guarantee that’s going to come up next the way this is going…


The Beatles- Early in the morning/Hi-Ho Silver

This is from a bootleg called “The Black Album“. It was recorded during the sessions at Twickenham for what ultimately would become Let It Be, so I needn’t say they weren’t in the best place at that time in any sense of the word.

I read once that the recordings on this album, poor quality and slipshod as they are, were Paul “trying to inject fun into a dreary, cold session.” which is a strangely comforting description. Testimonies of these sessions were of Paul trying to keep some element of comradary with an at times estranged group. While Ringo was still playing the most solid drums of his career, George remained professional and impartial while John was characteristically distant, his mind elsewhere.

The song itself, isn’t worth mentioning. This is symptomatic of many Beatles outtakes, they’re worth listening to because of what they are, the few minutes in time that they were brought into existence, the moments that no-one can ever get back.


Sting- When the angels fall

Haha try talking to me over the past year for more than a few minutes and not have me go on at you about how great Sting is! Impossible!

This is from my second favourite concept album of his, The Soul Cages. This 7-minute piece of beauty closes the album, dreamlike music and image forcing lyrics all with his impeccable and instinctive delivery.

As is sometimes the case with Mr. Sumner’s work, it’s well written poetry that can be interpreted clearly in a few ways. I think most likely it is a social commentary rather than a religious awakening or even a love song.


Tupac- Dear Mama

Alright, we’re closing with Tupac! Who am I to argue.

This seems quite nice, though I don’t know if Tupac’s mom is still alive? I remember seeing something with her on about 10 years ago, talking about West Coast-East Coast gang warfare so either way she will have heard this i’m sure and, though I haven’t heard it yet, it may well be a nice, if not prophetic ode to his mother.

It is just that, and it’s super sweet. Seems this fella was capable of seeing things from a very mature perspective despite being just 24 when this was recorded and this was only a couple of years before he died. God damn, this is both a touching song and awful to think of the actuality of the time that ultimately has superceded this snapshot.

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Wolf Alice

Wolf Alice

I know I posted about these guys fairly recently but I seem to keep discovering more great tunes by them every week lately. As well as that, I’m hearing more and more about them from anyone who has a clue about good music. This is before they’ve even released their first album, I haven’t been so sure a band’s going to be huge for a while.

These charming cockneys are going to be releasing their second EP next month which will be accompanied by a tour, the dates of which are listed below. It features four new tracks and is bound to only enhance their reputation before they play a buttload of festivals this summer and then are on all those “bands to look out for in 2015″ lists.

Creature Songs will feature four new songs, the lead track from it being Moaning Lisa Smile which is the embodiment of everything that makes this band exciting. I can’t get enough and next year you won’t be able to ignore them, they’re already the most blogged about artist of the last year, check them out before you aren’t given a choice in the matter.

Glasgow King Tuts (May 1)
Hull Fruit (5)
Sheffield Leadmill 2 (6)
Newcastle Think Tank (7)
York The Duchess (8)
Birmingham Temple (12)
Oxford Academy 2 (13)
Cambridge Portland Arms (14)
Bedford Esquire (15)
Guildford The Boileroom (16)
Leicester Cookie Jar (17)
Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms (18)
Brighton The Haunt (20)
Preston 53 Degrees (21)
Stoke Sugar Mill (22)
Milton Keynes Crauford Arms (27)
London Scala (28)

Moaning Lisa Smile

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New Conor Oberst: Governor’s Ball


Conor Oberst- Governor’s Ball

Another preview from Cone’s upcoming solo album uıɐʇunoɯ uʍop ǝpısdn and, it as you would expect- nice and perfect. There’s a little musical experimentation here without the unique aspects of Bright Eyes‘ final offering The People’s Key but off kilter none the less and you know, he knows what he’s doing. You might say it’s not as folky as what has swathed his solo efforts in the past but there are distinctive aspects that are undeniably such.

It remains to be seen what path he will be taking music wise from now on without his former moniker. With any other artist, them playing under another name wouldn’t be a big deal but so different is the music he made with his band to his solo work and with desaparecidos that you can’t help but wonder. Perhaps we’ll see some influence from his magnum opus on this album or maybe it wasn’t the end after all.

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2000 Trees 2014: Verses


There isn’t much of a let up in the music from this Brighton quartet, you better get training before going to see them or you won’t last many songs. The frenetic energy of hometown heroes Blood Red Shoes, the musicianship and passion of Canterbury and the anthemic delivery of Twin Atlantic make for a quintessential enterprise at this year’s 2000 Trees.

Their debut album Feel it Faster is out towards the end of May right in time for a huge festival season for the band. It is essentially the follow up to 2012′s mini-album Come to Life and shows the evolution of the band from their initiation to what should be a vital year in their history.

As well as the music, their tour schedule doesn’t leave much room to take a breath either, you’re bound to have an opportunity to catch them this summer make sure you take it.

Feel it Faster



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2000 Trees 2014: Boy Jumps Ship

Boy Jumps Ship

These four Tyne-Wearians formed Boy Jumps Ship in 2010 and by 2011 and after the release of their Debut EP and the follow-up Engines, were ear marked as the the next band to break out of the North East. Support slots with big-name bands and headline slots at the Academy ensued and they managed to amass a strong legion of followers while they honed their craft.

More recently, last month in fact it was announced they had signed to respectable independent Rude Records, home of Bedouin Soundclash and I am the Avalance and sees the release this month of the follow up to 2012′s EP Be Good, Be Gracious.

Once you’ve heard them their sound is quite obviously well ingratiated with their music though some tracks like Backstays & Halywards is BJS at their most math-rock inspired, there’s touches of straight-rock, punk and indie in all their songs but they do well at making each song stand out from their counterparts. They’re lyrically strong and musically robust, perfect for sunset at 2000 Trees.

They’re also playing Think Tank in Newcastle tonight if you happen to be in the area..

Still Alive

Backstays & Halyards


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Dan Le Sac -v- Scroobius Pip- 2000 Trees 2014: Dan Le Sac -v- Scroobius Pip

Dad Rocks!- 2000 Trees 2014: Dad Rocks!

VerseChorusVerse2000 Trees 2014: VerseChorusVerse

Wolf Alice: 2000 Trees 2014: Wolf Alice

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Ipod Shuffle XII

I haven’t done one of these in so long but they’re always a great time. I’m a little nervous knowing some stuff i’ve got on here, remember- no skips.


Outroversion’s Ipod Shuffle XII

The Breeders- Saints

A solid start with Kim Deal‘s Pixies Riot Grrl side project, this the second single from their most successful album 1993′s Last Splash. Repping Summer and Carnivals, heavy bass and you know what you’re getting from a Deal vocal.

Lewis Black- TV Pilot

One of my favourite all-time comics his intensity and genuine hatred for 99% of human kind is unparalleled. Here he tells a story of how he was made to audition to play himself in a sit-com about himself and how he was beaten to the role by someone who is apparently a better him than he is. Check out the rest of the gig that story is featured on-


Elbow- Coming Second

I’ve been listening to a lot of Elbow lately, for a number of reasons. Firstly their latest album is really good, secondly they’re actually playing Cornwall this summer and i’m toying with going, finally well- i’ve needed a few naps the past couple of weeks. This is actually from their debut album, you can rarely tell what track is off which as they’re all of superbly consistent quality. The track itself is quite reminiscent of Blur at the time, simple guitars underscored by complex experimental electronics, rhythmic drumming with modulated yet husky vocals. Some of the samples are a little harsh in the background but nothing to keep you awake.


Kosha Dillz- Hanging Out

Sure KD is a white rapper but he keeps it real, spitting about picking up dog doo (which he rhymes with choo-choo), starbucks, instagram. The sample underneath is warped and familiar and hugely distracting from the lyrics but like I implied- they aren’t really all that..


Blondie- One Way or Another

You can’t really go wrong with Blondie, everyone likes the music but I doubt I’d ever see it on my iPod and feel like I had to listen to it you know? I think with some artists it’s nice to know they’re there should the mood ever take you, I just never have whatever mood it is that makes you want to listen to Blondie and I don’t expect I’m ever going to be a middle aged woman at a wedding disco so…


A Rocket to the Moon- Like We Used To

A Fuelled by Ramen band that I checked out based purely on their name which I came across being quite into The Rocket Summer back in the day and with that- the perfect comparison. Empassioned vocals, multi-instrumentation, if you’re dating a teenager- or are one even then this might be your thing but as I get older the less I can connect with this kind of music.


System of a Down- Question

Ah shit, this might be a long one… Look- SOAD are a quintessential example of why i never really fit into the metal scene last decade. As well as using words like quintessential, I had the piercings, looked good in t-shirts and could rock out with the best of them. I was fine with all that but what I was not fine with was having to 1. “get” system of a down and 2. “like” system of a down. Radio one love these guys and commercially they sell better than most of their peers, musically they’re all over the place, don’t get me started on the vocals or the lyrics, I mean are they a joke band? BYOB. Case and point, sorry.

But you see, I say that but that track has 4-stars in my iTunes and this song is technically proficient. Subtle guitars in the verse and the vocals sublime but then again we get to the chorus and it’s the same brash musicianship and strained and strident singing with screaming thrown in for good measure. I don’t know but, I don’t think so. They’re the question I wish no-one had bothered asking.


Fionn Regan- Be Good or Be Gone

I saw this fellow play at a festival a few years back under a pseudonym (Near Fog Inn), everyone who was there was a genuine fan of his music and I felt a little left out as I was there as press and didn’t know anything of him. At the time I said “Regan’s cerebral lyricism is enchanting. “His stories are brilliant but he does require attention though his words truly deserve it. Musically it’s pleasant stuff but lyrically it is incredible.” If you’re the kind of person who appreciates Sufjan Stevens, Elliott Smith and Bon Iver you’ll already know this gentleman but if by chance you don’t- start name dropping him you dirty hipster.


John Frusciante- Ten to Butter Blood Voodoo

Sometimes I feel like i’m the only person who was glad to get Frusciante out of the Chili Peppers. I hated his convoluted guitar playing, his girly stocatto vocals and overall his douchebag sense of self-entitlement like RHCP needed him more than he needed them, yeah good luck with that. This is another example of the quality of his output when he is left to his own devices. People make out he’s more than he is but listen to his music and you’ll see that he isn’t. His debut album Niandra Lades/Usually Just a T-shirt is considered a classic among fans of his however, I’ve no idea why.


Ok I think I got into a bad mood towards the end of that haha…

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David Bowie: Low [1976]

So you know all those artists you know their whole back catalogue and you can talk about for hours and there’s always more material talk about? And then there’s the ones that are that to someone else but you’ve no idea about them apart from their most famous songs.

One of those for me is David Bowie, I know he defines the nature of genius but where do you start with people with that kind of musical history? Thanks to twitter it turned out the best place for me to begin my Bowie odyssey was his eleventh album, Low.

David Bowie- Low

Low is the first album of something known as “the Berlin trilogy” so called as for the duration of these three albums he was living in Berlin, sharing an apartment with Iggy Pop. It is said during the initial period he was focussing on minimalist, ambient music and this album is the result of that fascination.

“fairly complex pieces of music, masquerading as simple pieces” ~ Phillip Glass

I’m not the biggest fan of instrumental music but the opening track of this album “Speed of Life” is perfectly crafted and hypnotically infectious. I mean, I know David Bowie is all about keyboards and guitars, I could tell that by looking at him but he encapsulates retro-futurism in his music with consummate ease.

Breaking Glass is like saying hey, casual listener- just so you know this is what this album sounds like. I’ve heard many indie bands that make music like this and What in the world over the last decade, I mean these chirping and warping guitars underscoring inconsequential lyrics were going at it 30 years before OK Go started wanking out music videos and.. also before pacman.

When you’re talking about the tracks that might well make this album worthy of the masterpiece tag Sound and Vision is a home run. Blissful and mercurial, it’s a song I’d like to be around the first time anyone heard it because there’s no second guessing it, I mean there’s everything that’s going on for the first minute and then… wait? Saxophone? Female backing vocals? And after that his vocal delivery is just insane and these are the kind of moments that really do mark him out as something else. The only criticism is why make something this good, that short? This is a typical example of what should have been a 10 minute epic, it flows ever so perfectly.

If you are fond of songs that can get stuck in your head after only hearing them once Be My Wife is characteristic of that as well as of his kraut-drone influences melding at just the right intensity, more piano driven than anything you’ll find on Low and biographical in nature harking back to his previous work BMW makes for the smoothest of journeys into the abyss.

I discovered pretty early on that once you flip the digital vinyl of a Bowie album you needn’t expect anything like what you’ve just been listening to grace the other side. The music on Side B of Low has more avant-garde aspirations and is likely to sail over the head of a lot of listeners, interstellar and experimental but with alluring character it isn’t worth missing.

“… the instrumentals are strange and spacey. Nevertheless, the whole thing strikes this listener as remarkably, alluringly beautiful” ~ John Rockwell, New York Times

So there’s three tracks that have made into my regular rotation and I figured with such an oeuvre even one song off an album would make for one hell of an iTunes playlist. I’ll keep you updated on my journey.

“it’s the music of an overstimulated mind in an exhausted body” ~ Rolling Stone 5/5

Speed of Life

Sound and Vision

Be My Wife

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RHCP: B-Sides/Bonus Tracks and Stadium Arcadium Disc 3

I think the difference between me and a hipster is that if someone tells me a song I haven’t heard of by one of my favourite bands, rather than pretending I know it I feel like I’ve been bestowed a gift from god. That’s why when I found actually amazing tracks I hadn’t heard and an entire album from RHCP I thought I was having some kind of spiritual intervention.

B-Sides/Bonus Tracks

Anyone who has anything more than a vague musical relationship with the red hots will know they often release absolute dynamite as b-sides that the general public won’t ever get to hear, music that if it were released to the baying cattle market they’d eat it up like a lead single from a Foo Fighters album.

Fans of the Fairfax, Californians will know monsters that unbelievably never graced albums like Body of Water, Soul to Squeeze, Bunker Hill, Eskimo, Gong Li and one they haven’t even recorded that would go down a storm- Rolling Sly Stone.

Somehow these went under my radar and I’ve no clue how but they are just, something else. These two tracks Bicycle Song and Quixoticelixer are up there with the best Chili Peppers songs there are, I hope to the god of funk that there’s more out there somewhere but we all know someday those greatest hits sessions have gotta see light of day.

Bicycle Song


Stadium Arcadium: Disc 3

Remember before Stadium Arcadium was released and they were talking about releasing three albums throughout the year? SA ended up being a perfectly packaged double album, it felt like nothing could be left off that and nothing else could be put on. With that thoughts of what happened to the third album never really crossed my mind. Until 8 years later.

Yeah it’s really been that long since it was released, we’re getting older everyone.

But let’s forget about that for the moment, if we can. Some call it Venus, some call it Pluto but whatever you call it it’s essentially an entirely new RHCP album! It blew my mind and yeah, any of these tracks would have fit perfectly on the album.

I firmly believe if the guys had released the I’m With You Sessions properly as an album and called it something Chili Pepperish it would’ve been huge. I don’t get why they insist on hiding their music away. The thing that strikes me most is how consistent their music has been since they got into their groove with Mother’s Milk on everything they release, it’s insane. Anyone who doesn’t get their music is missing out.

Check out all the tracks over at Reddit.

Posted by: outroversion | March 31, 2014

The Beatles: Unreleased Lennon/McCartney

The Beatles were an enigma to me growing up, ever since my father showed me Sgt. Peppers as a kid, I could stare at that cover for hours. There was always new things to discover about their music and legend where elsewhere I was having to put up with Brit-Pop and whatever was in the charts that week being played by a sibling.

I heard Jealous Guy by John Lennon and then he played me Child of Nature and at every opportunity he’d expand my mind on the nature of genius. My Dad’s not been with us for nearly a decade now and often I find myself searching the internet for things I felt like he would have ended up sharing with me.

This morning I spent a lot of time tracking down recordings from the Quarrymen and sessions from before the Beatles released any material officially and when it got to this evening I came across an article detailing all Unreleased Lennon and McCartney compositions and the latest ones that were listed had actually been recorded and I thought, surely not. And yet…

Watching Rainbows

Song of Love


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